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Most of our classes are offered On Demand.  What that means is that you tell us what class you would like to be taught.  We'll work with you to find a date that works for you and then we'll announce it to everyone, and try to fill more seats.  If we end up with one person (you) only in the class, that is fine.  We have no problem with running a class for one.

By allowing you, our customers, to schedule you own classes, we guarantee someone is in each class, and that it is when and what you want to be learning!

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Some Upcoming Classes:

                                                         Open sewing is always available.

Favorite Bag

Favorite  Bag Class
You Pick your size

You choose the size you want to make in class. Both are great, light bags  to use daily or to tote special things. Also learn to make the cute flower to add to this bag or others you plan to make. Makes a nice embellishment for many things. Call the store for details and what you need to do to take the class.
Sunday July 9th
11 - 4  
( Almost FILLED)
Sunday July 16th
11 - 4
$45 & $5 kit fee to make flower

Quilt & Sew the Day Away

Come join Toni  and finish those projects you have hidden away or start a new one! Always a fun, helpful group! Consider it a modern day Quilting/Sewing Bee, and share ideas for future ones. You can just come and sit and sew or get personal help with those projects you need some help with. Our Microwave, Toaster Oven and Refrigerator are there for your use.

Up to four hours


Every Saturday and most weekdays we are open!


Girls Night Out!

Thursday Nights

For those of you that work during the day and weekends and can't make our popular Quilt/Sew the Day Away's.  You could catch up on your class homework, finish up old projects, start a new one, or just socialize for 5 hours of sewing.  You can just come and sit and sew or get personal help with those projects you need some help with. Use of our microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator is always available to our customers.

Always a good time had by all!


5pm (or whenever you could get there after 5) till 9ish.

 New people are coming every week and making new acquaintances!

I work around YOUR schedule, not mine. I have a number of group of ladies that meet on different days at our store during the week to take classes together..stop in and see what is going on and make some new friends while you have the time.

If a day or time for a class you want is not available, please let Toni know. Others might have the same request and a class can be formed.

We also have Open Sew The Days Away hours every day during the week. If the regular days are not good for you, or you have a special project you need help with, for $20 you can come in and spend four hours with Toni and use the store supplies to lay out a quilt, or just pick her brains for help.  With our busy schedules in these times, we are trying to make ourselves available to YOUR schedule. Just ask!

We have 2 huge design walls and classroom machines to use for a fee of $5.

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