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Featured Product

161 -D Levittown Pkwy
Hicksville NY 11801
(516) 342-1127
Quilting and sewing supplies - fabric, patterns, kits, books,
notions,  quilting & sewing classes, homemade items, quilt/sewing bees and more

If there is a class you want but want it in kit form, give me a call and let me know and we can put it together for you. All you have to do is ask!    

For those of you who hate cutting out your patterns, we offer a new service. Tell us what you want and we will cut it for you at a small fee

We are now also machine quilting your quilts at very reasonable prices.! Call and ask for details or come in and see some samples.

161 -D Levittown Pkwy
Hicksville NY 11801
(516) 342-1127
 Voting begins October 1, and runs through December 15, 2015.
 One vote per category per day per IP address is accepted. 
This means you can vote more than once for us per day if you do it at work, home, and if you have multiple computers, I-Pads, Nooks or phones.

Check out the MODERN BOM information.

Home of the APQS Millennium Longarm Machine

with Hydraulic Table Lift, Power Fabric Advance with foot pedal control, and Quilt Glide which gives you ultimate control for tiny detail and precision work. The glide works in conjunction with the stitch regulator to produce consistent stitches while providing the fluid motion quilters desire for dense background quilting.

Fons and Porter Recommended !

 We all love to piece those wonderful quilt tops! The process of choosing the fabrics, picking out the perfect patterns, and designing the whole quilt is fun! But making a perfectly flat quilt “sandwich”, and fitting that thick quilt into a tiny throat space to be sewn on your home machine, can be more than a little frustrating! Quilting designs and patterns which would be too cumbersome, complicated or impossible to maneuver on a home sewing machine are easily done on a professional longarm machine. You have spent hours on designing, measuring, cutting, sewing and piecing your quilt top. Your quilt deserves to have the same high quality quilting to set off your workmanship!

I enjoy working  with each quiltmaker to find that special quilt design to highlight all the best aspects of your quilt.  I will work with you to select the best quilting designs in your price range.

Our Longarm is also for Rental

After you take a Training Class you can rent time on our Top of the Line Longarm and be the artist yourself.

Here are some of the features of Gone Sewin’s APQS Millenium Longarm Quilter:

·                            On-demand Automatic Stitch Regulator - will reduce your practice time significantly and get you off to a   good start with perfect perfect stitches every time.

                             Throat size of 26" x 10.5" - With 23 square feet of capacity without advancing the fabric

·                            Super-quiet enclosed DC motor

·                            Precision timing by Synchronous Belt Drive

·                            Standard APQS hopping foot specially designed for use with ruler and guide accessories

·                            Fully adjustable, ergonomically designed handles eliminate carpal tunnel injuries and provide for maximum visibility

·                            Two-stage automatic needle positioner

·                            Single-stitch function

·                            Lower thread cutter, an APQS exclusive

·                            Built-in laser light

·                            Bright LED lights illuminate the work surface, and include a black light feature

·                            Electronic channel locks for both horizontal and vertical straight-line quilting at the touch of a button

·                            Turbo bobbin winder

·                            Quilt Glide gives you ultimate control for tiny detail and precision work. The glide works in conjunction with the stitch regulator to produce consistent stitches while providing the fluid motion quilters desire for dense background quilting.

·                            Power fabric advance with foot pedal control maintains consistent fabric pressure to eliminate wrinkles and puckers in the quilt.

·                            Hydraulic table lift is an upgrade to the Universal Aluminum Alloy table. This table allows for easy, one-touch push button table height adjustment. Front rollers on the table are set-up above tabletop level for ease of loading the quilt and so you may sit on a stool at the front-side of the table when doing intricate detail work on a quilt.

Call the store for details.

We have added a stylus to Millie and purchased a number of Quilt Boards with some beautiful designs that you can use easily to make your quilt something special with little effort, or I can use them on your quilts.


We have scheduled a bunch of classes. Check them out here: New Classes

and check out our new pre-cut and pre-adhered kits here: Kits

Girls Night Out!

For those of you that work during the day and weekends and can't make our popular Quilt/Sew the Day Away's. You could catch up on your class homework, finish up old projects, start a new one, or just socialize for 4 hours of sewing.  Use of our microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator is always available to our customers. I also have a multitude of local Menu's!

Always a good time had by all!

Thursday nights: 5pm (or whenever you could get there after 5) till 9ish.


Quilt/Sew the Day Away is Every Saturday and Weekday when there is not a class scheduled

Please see description above or call the store!

$20 up to four hours




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